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 lvl 70 Druid Tauren

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lvl 70 Druid Tauren Empty
PostSubject: lvl 70 Druid Tauren   lvl 70 Druid Tauren Icon_minitimeSun Mar 02, 2008 5:15 pm

1. Casper
2. 17
3. Denmark
4. Danish / understand english dont talk it well though Smile
5. Work
6. every afternoon from 18.30 wow time
7. Know Kiiko
8. msn: fug_me666@hotmail.com
9. Latency always over 150 fps - never lag
10. I talk what ever program you want me to get (i do have VT - TS ect)
11. Im into this game for doing PvE i preffer to play with some nice girls or guys and get to know them, i like playing wow and i understand what it takes to do 5 man groups, now i wanna take it to the "next" lvl and see how i can preform in kara or za and maybe with time go into 25 raids ssc or tk Smile
12. I can preform almost any time you ask Smile
13. If im home which i am almost every day just whisp me and come Smile

14. Cbs - Al akir
15. Druid
16. Tauren
17. Over 12 days
18. 0/50/11
20-26. With you guys help and what spec you will need i will go but i most experience as a tank
27. Kiiko told me about you guys and guild Smile
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lvl 70 Druid Tauren
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