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 Prot warr app

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PostSubject: Prot warr app   Prot warr app Icon_minitimeSat Mar 08, 2008 3:55 pm

About You

1. Your name:Levi Ivarsson
2. Your age:17
3. Location:Sweden
4. Languages:Swedish and English
5. Your occupation: (ie school/university/work) School..
6. Your schedule: List the days and hours you are normally available. Include things that can affect your availability (working hours, school, university, friends etc). Im in almost every day from 17:00-24:00 .. With some pauses in between..

7. List any contacts in Nex superne: (Leave blank if none)

8. List your out-of-game contact information: (email/IRC/Yahoo/MSN/AIM/GTalk etc)
slanerislana@hotmail.com (MSN and mail)
9. List your computer and internet connection:
I got a Intel C2D 2.33 ghx. OCīd to 3 Ghz.. 2 gigs of ram.. ATI HD2900XT.. Connection 2 up 8 down..
10. TeamSpeak: Are you able to talk on TeamSpeak(2.0) or Ventrilo (3.0.1)?
Yes. Have both programs and a mic
11. Motivation: Why should we recruit you, what makes you different and a worthwhile a member of the guild? Convince us to recruit you.
I am a nice person and i really know what i am doing.. I give atleast 110% at every raid and i never just give up and leave.. Have no problems with many wipes and so through progression.. Thats one of the beuty parts when you learn a new encounter i think..
Your Raid Availability Information:

[Raid Hours are Sunday- Thursday 19:00 CET to 23:30CET, Friday and Saturday are raid days off]

12. Raid Hours: Are you capable of attending all of our raid times? Yes.

13. Raid Availability: How many raids are you capable of attending on a weekly basis? (eg Attend every raid, can attend 4 out of 5 raids a week)
All of them.
Your Character

14. Character Name and Realm:Spottarn Al'Akir
15. Class:Warrior
16. Race:
17. /played time: (type /played in-game into the chat window)

18. Talent Build and Link: 8/5/48 -

19. Armory Link: That is pvp gear on.. So not updated yet..

20. Gear and Talent Choices: I still have a few improvements to make on my gear.. Easily done within guild rules.. My specc is made for PvE and its a specc i used for many encounters and it has never failed me.
21. Guild Role: Tank some badass bosses and trash.. ;D Provide a security net to fall down on.. Smile

22. PvE Experience: ZG,MC,BWL,AQ20-40,Kara,Gruul,Maggy,SSC. I like to go allout and try to get 25 men to work as a team.. Thats the best part of PvE.
23. Consumables and finances: Spicy crawdad.. Some armor pots and so on.. Its not that hard.. I have farming gear so it shouldnt be a problem..
24. Raid Preparation: the one and only site.. I use Omen. DBM.. Kinda all i need..
25. Guild History: No guild.. And i was in a friend guild where we just did kara once a week before.. Left for no progress..

26. Alts: None..

27. How did you find out about Nex superne: I found out about u guys through /2 .. . Talked a bit with some1 and he told me to apply.. So here i am.. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Prot warr app   Prot warr app Icon_minitimeSat Mar 08, 2008 6:17 pm

hmm i need to think a bit about this apply and i have just taken another warrior tank in and i need to see how he does before taking in another tank oki
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Prot warr app
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