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 birdyman ele shammy app

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PostSubject: birdyman ele shammy app   birdyman ele shammy app Icon_minitimeWed Feb 13, 2008 5:54 pm

About You

1. Your name: Birdyman (matt irl)
2. Your age: 16
3. Location: Uk Doncaster
4. Languages: English
5. Your occupation: student
6. Your schedule: everyday afer 5pm server time. (at least)

7. List any contacts in Nex superne: (Leave blank if none)

8. List your out-of-game contact information: (email/IRC/Yahoo/MSN/AIM/GTalk etc)
Blocko2 skype user.

9. List your computer and internet connection:

8meg Broadband getting about 6.5 tho atm. Playing on a mac atm but got a pc next to it so if it happens to fail ill be online within a few mins. (always handy)

10. TeamSpeak: Are you able to talk on TeamSpeak(2.0)?
Got TS2 aye and yes can speak if mics working fine.

11. Motivation: Why should we recruit you, what makes you different and a worthwhile a member of the guild? Convince us to recruit you.
Will folow orders correctly be on time for raids. Have a laugh with you guys and genreally have some fun =D

Your Raid Availability Information: yep they sound good time should be fine =D

[Raid Hours are Sunday- Thursday 19:00 CET to 23:30CET, Friday and Saturday are raid days off]

12. Raid Hours: Are you capable of attending all of our raid times?
Yep if im needed. But 5/5 may be pushing it some weeks.

13. Raid Availability: How many raids are you capable of attending on a weekly basis? (eg Attend every raid, can attend 4 out of 5 raids a week) 4times would be more realist for me.

Your Character

14. Character Birdyman
15. Class: Shammy
16. Race: TROLLL!!!!!!! RAWRR!!
17. /played time: (type /played in-game into the chat window) like 25days +

18. Talent Build and Link:41/0/20 the good ele spec with the 11%+ crit with LB ect.

19. Armory Link: Link to your armory profile, and an explanation of anything that may not be readily apparent from your armory profile (alternate sets of gear, currently PvP-specced, etc.)

20. Gear and Talent Choices: How does your current gear and talent choices benefit your raiding endgame role? Is your talent build spec'd for PvE raiding? perfect spec to get crits, then for clearcasting.. And great damage and good for extra totems.

21. Guild Role: What do you perceive your character's role in our guild would be? IMba dps and good helpfull member for the guild

22. PvE Experience: List all raid instances and any notable bosses you have defeated. What do you like about PvE? What don't you like about PvE? Had my rogue in SSC/Tk
had my priest in SSC/tk
and on this char done all kara/gruul and attempts on Void.

23. Consumables and finances: List the consumables you bring to the raids. Is farming gold and consumables difficult for you? Are you constantly broke?
well i anit the best gold farmer but always have money for adepts elxir and wizard oils. Big boss attempts i use food buffs too.

24. Raid Preparation: Which sites and forums do you visit? Name a few add-ons that are essential for your role in PvE raids. (Raid UI Screenshots are a bonus) I use threadmeters, Boss mods, a custimized UI with special possitions for my spells.

25. Guild History: List current and previous guilds (with realms) and reasons for leaving. been in one guild on this char, but kinda came to a halt.

26. Alts: List any serious alts you have.
Do the odd pvp on my rogue and leveling my warrior atm but nothing too important.

27. How did you find out about Nex superne: (wow-europe.com forums / friend / other etc)
Seen a Guild Recruiting Spam in Trade erlyer today hehe

Thanks alot


Sorry about spelling i know it sucks ass.
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birdyman ele shammy app
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