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PostSubject: Hunter app   Hunter app Icon_minitimeWed Feb 13, 2008 7:55 pm

1. Your name:Gareth Grant Jobburn (in game: Jabboon)
2. Your age:18
3. Location:Stoke on Trent England
4. Languages:English
5. Your occupation: Construction
6. Your schedule: 17:00-24:00 server time on week days anytime weekends

7. List any contacts in Nex superne:

8. List your out-of-game contact information: jobburn@hotmail.co.uk

9. List your computer and internet connection:Packard Bell. BT

10. TeamSpeak: Are you able to talk on TeamSpeak(2.0)?Can speak on TS or Vent

11. Motivation: I am an active player and can player my class well

Your Raid Availability Information:17:00-24:00 weekdays any time weekends

[Raid Hours are Sunday- Thursday 19:00 CET to 23:30CET, Friday and Saturday are raid days off]

12. Raid Hours: Are you capable of attending all of our raid times?Yes I am available in the times above^^

13. Raid Availability: How many raids are you capable of attending on a weekly basis? As many as you would like me to.

Your Character

14. Character Name and Realm: Jabboon Al akir
15. Class:Hunter
16. Race:Tauren
17. /played time: 31days, 21 hours

18. Talent Build and Link: 41/41/41 - Link to your talent build. 0/43/18

19. Armory Link:

20. Gear and Talent Choices: For raids i am BM spec Which pulls more dps then any other hunter spec and buffs the raid more untill i get 750 agil+ which i will go survial

21. Guild Role: What do you perceive your character's role in our guild would be?cc if needed dps and i normally pull bosses in raids with MD

22. PvE Experience: Karazan all cleared Grull High King Maulgar, Grull the dragon killer

23. Consumables and finances: i always Have 500g+ and farming is'nt difficult for me so i Bring the pots i need

24. Raid Preparation: I have addons what tell me When and What bosses are doing and also when Main tank is below 40%hp <even tho it is a healer addon

25. Guild History: Abyssal Agony, Magicolohic they both contained slackers who didnt show up for raids and went afk in raids so i left

26. Alts: List any serious alts you have.

27. How did you find out about Nex superne: A guild memeber was posting in trade chat
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PostSubject: Re: Hunter app   Hunter app Icon_minitimeThu Feb 14, 2008 2:36 am

Welcome mate cheers

you will need to get some addons ill tell you about them in wow
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Hunter app
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