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 Hatér - 70 Rogue

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PostSubject: Hatér - 70 Rogue   Hatér - 70 Rogue Icon_minitimeThu Feb 28, 2008 12:22 am

1. Your name: Denis
2. Your age: 19
3. Location: Croatia
4. Languages: English, Croatian
5. Your occupation: (ie school/university/work) - College
6. Your schedule: List the days and hours you are normally available. Include things that can affect your availability (working hours, school, university, friends etc).
Monday - Friday: 19.00 - 23.30, Saturday/Sunday All day

7. List any contacts in Nex superne: (Leave blank if none)

8. List your out-of-game contact information: (email/IRC/Yahoo/MSN/AIM/GTalk etc)
msn: t3shocker@net.hr

9. List your computer and internet connection:

10. TeamSpeak: Are you able to talk on TeamSpeak(2.0)?
Yeah, vent too

11. Motivation: Why should we recruit you, what makes you different and a worthwhile a member of the guild? Convince us to recruit you.
Because im a hardcore player & raider, i learn fast & always give maximum at raids. I'm also good at PvP so if any guildies need boost to 1850 in 2 or 3 bracket i can help. Got 2004 in 3v3 myself, 1920 in 2v2 (s3).

Your Raid Availability Information:

[Raid Hours are Sunday- Thursday 19:00 CET to 23:30CET, Friday and Saturday are raid days off]
All days.

12. Raid Hours: Are you capable of attending all of our raid times?
All days.

13. Raid Availability: How many raids are you capable of attending on a weekly basis? (eg Attend every raid, can attend 4 out of 5 raids a week)

Your Character

14. Character Name and Realm: (include level if not L70)
Hatér - Al'Akir [DarkStorm ( social ) ]
15. Class: Rogue
16. Race: Undead
17. /played time: (type /played in-game into the chat window)
58 days

18. Talent Build and Link: 41/41/41 - Link to your talent build.
19/42/0, default Rogue raid spec. Combat swords.

19. Armory Link: Link to your armory profile, and an explanation of anything that may not be readily apparent from your armory profile (alternate sets of gear, currently PvP-specced, etc.)
I will be probably in PvP gear cause i do alot of arena atm. But in PvE gear i got around:
1850 AP, 200 Hit rating, 63 HASTE, 10 EXPERTISE. Unbuffed that is.

20. Gear and Talent Choices: How does your current gear and talent choices benefit your raiding endgame role? Is your talent build spec'd for PvE raiding?
My gear and talent choices help me do more DPS in raids (my main role). I respec to PvE spec each raid.

21. Guild Role: What do you perceive your character's role in our guild would be?
To attend all raids, not wipe the raid, and try my best.

22. PvE Experience: List all raid instances and any notable bosses you have defeated. What do you like about PvE? What don't you like about PvE?
In SSC only first boss, in TK all 4 bosses i killed. Lower tier instances all cleared.

23. Consumables and finances: List the consumables you bring to the raids. Is farming gold and consumables difficult for you? Are you constantly broke?

No. I always have money cause i sell arena teams each week.
When progressing - 120 AP potion + 20 Hit rating food. + Haste potion for boss encounters, + Thistle tea also for bosses. Adamantite sharpening stone for bosses immune to poisons. Drums of battle too (since im an 375 LW).

24. Raid Preparation: Which sites and forums do you visit? Name a few add-ons that are essential for your role in PvE raids. (Raid UI Screenshots are a bonus)

Too many questions Smile I dont know, Wow-europe.com forums, world of ming, etc etc
As a rogue i asked my self; Do i need this OINK in raids? it just makes my PC more lagy. Rogues do not buff / heal anyone nor have a special roll in raids, therefore i feel special addons in raids are completely unnecesary (except basic ones - DPS meter, mob info & Deadly Boss mod). I've never had problems with executing my roll in raids without addons.

25. Guild History: List current and previous guilds (with realms) and reasons for leaving.
Darkstorm (just social)
Apathia - kicked for going vacation 10 days.
Hate - I joked too much about GM's wife breasts and earned myself another gkick. Theyre just not too mature to understand jokes, hope u guys are Smile

26. Alts: List any serious alts you have.
No, im a rogue 4ever.

27. How did you find out about Nex superne: (wow-europe.com forums / friend / other etc)
./who Tempest keep
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PostSubject: hey   Hatér - 70 Rogue Icon_minitimeThu Feb 28, 2008 7:33 pm

il talk to you ingame m8
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Hatér - 70 Rogue
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